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The future of agriculture is not just sensors and monitoring.. It is about economies of scale and about real information at scale.. Actual, relevant, integrated and instantly shareable information..

Our capabilities are built on a powerful digital ecosystem and deep technology stack to accelerate the development of solutions for specific industry verticals. This allows us to focus on Smart Algorithms and Decision Frameworks to further augment the capabilities of Big Data, Cloud Computing, Machine to Machine, the Internet of Things and other Industry 4.0 technologies.

Long Life Battery Powered with Long Range Communication

The main reason for why technology adoption continues to be limited, is the cost of implementation. Not just of the technology itself, but also to provide electricity and communications to field units and gateways.

Agricore's technology was specifically designed to address this limitation and to lower the cost of adopting the technology into farming and production environments. We are fully focused on making this affordable.

Our technology is purposely based on low power long ranged communications. This enables us to make use of micro solar and long life batteries, which gives us the flexibility to introduce the technology anywhere on the farm, and irrespective of whether there is electric power or cell phone coverage at the point of interest.

Our solutions are based on a standalone Smart Sensor Aggregation Platform, and where needed, also a Smart Scada Platform built for large scale backwards integration with existing monitoring and control systems and technologies. Both platforms are connected to a central database to create an integrated user environment online and via mobile phones.

Field Based Sensors and Monitoring

For field based sensors and monitoring, where there typically is no communications or power at the point of interest, we have developed a solar based, long range communications unit with sensor aggregation capability, connected to the cloud via the internet. The system is fully wireless, battery and solar based.

Control System Based Monitoring & Controls

For existing monitoring and control systems, where power and communications already exist, whether Scada based control systems, or other forms of building management systems, access control or CCTV, we have acquired the right of use of a powerful aggregation platform that provides backwards integration into existing systems. This but also enables us to extract real-time information into the cloud for additional levels of correlations, analysis and reporting. The system also has a powerful business rules engine e.g. typically for process automation, energy optimisation, security monitoring or access control.

Agricore is a big data analytics and business intelligence company focused on using the combination of technologies, processes and people to provide solutions that saves money and solve real problems.

Silo Level Monitoring

Water Level Monitoring

Diesel Tank Monitoring

Generators & Pumps

Fill & Flow Quantities

Real-time Reporting

Consumption Rates

Predictive Algorithms

Exceptions & Deviations

Data History & Correlations

Smart Monitoring

Smart Analytics




Packing Factor

Animal Weight

Smart Algorithms

We provide you with real time information on production, number of eggs per house, feed and water consumed, even the cost of producing each egg.

Enabling real-time monitoring with sensors is just the beginning.. Our focus is to ensure that our technology provides the right information for you to make proactive and informed decisions

Wireless Cloud Connectivity

Long Life Battery Powered