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Whether your data comes from control systems or sensors from in-field devices, spreadsheets that farmers use to plan and keep track of their irrigation schedules, billing systems, CRM or ERP systems, building or asset management systems or even manual processes or data records that can be used to provide more efficient healthcare in hospitals. It doesn't matter.

Operational efficiency, traceability, data analytics, management dashboards, artificial intelligence and machine learning will be playing an increasingly imporant role in the future.

Smart Data & Analytics

Predictive Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

By collecting, analysing and using the data, this provides the intelligence needed to develop smarter decision framesworks and algorithms for IoT solutions and other control systems. By managing the interactions between field devices, infield algorithms, edge and algorithms for centralised processing in a smart way, this provides the plaform for incrementally improving digital capabilities in the field as well.

Smart Data


Smart Data Visualisation




IoT Solutions

Enabling Incremental Improvement for Digital Transformation and driving the benefits of operational efficiency

On the IoT side the Smart Platform allows you to create a digital reconstruction of your the equipment or assets you want to control or monitor. This allows for the virtualisation of all aspects of your control systems, and the control of various forms of monitoring, sensors, actuators, or mobile devices.

On the business operations side, we can assist you with improving your data architecture, and unlocking more value from data that may be sitting in pockets or silos across your organisation. Whether or not your business uses IoT, or is connected to the Smart Platform, or making use of IoT devices for different solutions or applications than ours, provided by other organisations.

Starting with Excel Spreadsheets, Management Dashboards, all the way to Cloud Computing.

Microsoft PowerBI

Microsoft Azure

Smart Data Management

Smart Data Processing

The Smart PIN & OTP platform was purposely developed as a standalone solution that can be used for other purposes than supporting IoT applications. Examples include web portals, e-commerce websites, or access to depositories for personnel or financial records.

Smart OTP server is a standalone encrypted OTP and Multi-factor authentication solution, designed to provide secure and encrypted OTA/OTP management solution to compliment a range of asset and building management applications. The solution is modular, built for easy integration, and can also be used for other software, mobile apps, web based portals, or e-commerce applications.

Examples of capabilities includes bypassing the mobile user and sending the OTP directly to another device via the phone itself (i.e. time and geofenced and only when there is relative proximity between the specific phone and specific device, with identity of the user verified by a separate OTP, Smartcard, Biometric, RFID tag, or even in combination with face recognition of the user done via the phone to validate the identity of the person bringing the phone into proximity of the IoT of field device.

Protecting data, communications between devices, access to mobile apps, e-commerce platforms or software applications, can be complimented with Smart OTP Server. Smart OTP is available for licensing to third party software engineers, application developers, and IoT solution developers.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft SQL