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Smart PIN Server is a standalone software module for providing secure and encrypted One Time Pin (OTP) and Over The Air (OTA) solutions for additional layers of remote, multifactor authentication, or for the verification of specific actions required from remote devices. The software can also be used for managing the secure upgrade of embedded software on remotely installed devices used as part of large scale IoT device deployments.

OTP Server can be used for custom developments, or licensed to developers for integration, or can be used for web based solutions or mobile application, M2M or IoT device activations, or provided to clients as a service.

OTP Server is also suited to authorise secure and encrypted Over the Air (OTA) updates of software or parameters used by remote devices, eliminating the need to periodically revisit installations.

Smart Authentication

Multifactor PIN & OTA Solutions

Smart PIN is a Multifactor Authentication Server, Software and Mobile App solution environment, initially developed to provide smart multifactor identity verification system for controlling physical access to high security environments across a variety of devices, power and communications layers.

This means that the identity of the organisation, device, and person seeking access is verified by means of single or multiple factor technologies suited to the specific environment or application.

Options include the use of encrypted One Time Pin (OTP) used in combination with an ID Tag, ID Card, Cell Phone Proximity, or Biometrics. The system also provides a mechanism whereby the encrypted OTP can be made to not be visible to the user and is automatically delivered to the access control device on the basis of having a pre-configured cell phone with an app that delivers the OTP to the device via Bluetooth or NFC for matching and verification.

Please contact us for licensing options or further information should you have a need for OTP or OTA capabilty customised suited to your e-commerce, software, web portal, mobile applications, M2M, IoT or Industry 4.0 solutions or other developments.

Please note that Smart Pin and Authentication Server is equally suitable for distribution, sale or installation of PC based software, web based applications, mobile applications, and electronic/hardware environments.

Developer/clients are issued with an unique encrypted key.

Field devices are enrolled to the Authentication Server with an unique embedded ID and decryption capability (using a Mobile App made available to authorised personnel only).

The Authentication Server encapsulates an algorithm that will generate encrypted OTP/OTA codes that are unique to the developer as well as to the individual field devices.

The field devices receive and decrypt the OTP for unique verification, per device, or unique business rules.

This could trigger an appropriate action (e.g. to unlock or open a door, gate, or cabinet, or enable OTA updates to the embedded software or specific parameters programmed into the device itself).

Can be combined with ID tags, smart cards, biometrics or other “On Site” ID verification options, RFID, NFC etc.

Authentication Server can easily be integrated into other software and embedded software environments. The solution is highly suitable for adding additional layers of authentication for physical access controlled environments such as doors, gates, smart lockers and other e-storage solutions, and more.