Agricore Smart Platform

Wireless Sensor Aggregation System

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While the amount of data extracted from portable and remote devices will continue to increase exponentially, and continuously improve in capability, the effectiveness of the intelligence extracted is often limited to the same systems from which the data is collected and used for improved reporting purposes. Ultimately optimisations will need to be run across value chains, which means we

need  to find ways of integrating various sources of information more effectively.

Without combining real time intelligence with machine learning capability, the level of optimisation and intelligence inherent to people, devices and systems on the ground, relative to other changes in the immediate external environment, remains limited.

Agricore's technology platform is not just a fully wireless and self powered sensor aggregation system, but also a full artificial intelligence platform built for the agriculture and other sectors.

We have developed our own controllers and make use of best of breed chipsets, low power and lean design principles, and monitoring technologies to help drive efficiencies, automation, intelligence, operations and decision support, which ultimately drives better production yields.

We make use of various types of sensors, custom developed electronics, solar power, fixed or wireless networks, internet, mobile, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies, to deliver highly scalable platforms and solutions for specific niche verticals.


Large scale poultry production operations are inherently highly complex and dynamic by nature, and requires very hands-on management on a 24x7 basis. Various factors affect the growth of birds, mortalities, or number of eggs produced, all of which need to be managed with a high degree of precision in order to be successful in the industry.

Agricore is in the process of real world testing of its ground breaking, cloud based, artificial intelligence solution. The technology aims to make it easier for operations managers to monitor various aspects of their operations in real time, and make incremental adjustments to feeding ordering schedules and inventory management, change temperatures or feeding schedules,

reduce costs, and streamline operations.

The platform is designed to accommodate multiple of the same sensors (e.g. multiple LiDar level sensors) or combinations of sensors measuring different aspects of the same environment, such as for measuring fill levels, open or close status, temperature, and humidity inside a silo, all using one controller and communications unit.

A key part of our technology selection is making use of the LoRa low power, long range, communications layers. This allows for effective low cost communications with sensors and actuators in the field or various monitoring points in buildings spread around the farm.

Connecting to the cloud for data storage analytics and reporting can use existing internet to the farm, cellular or satellite networks, depending on what the best available option.

Agricore Plug & Play Sensor Aggregation Technology

Enabling monitoring and control at the real frontier of technology. Where there is no

cell phone coverage or electric power. And where scale comes at a cost.

Active Monitoring & Real Time Intelligence

Completely Wireless and Powered by Micro Solar