Smart Scada Solutions

Bringing Existing Systems into the Digital Ecosystem

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The platform also provides secure and encrypted OTA/OTP management for communications or configurations

or upgrades to field devices, which means rollouts can be done gradually or gradually be provided, which means  

incrementally improving the level of intelligence obtained from field devices.

Automation in the Agri and Agri Processing sectors is in full swing, but often still based on standalone monitoring and control systems for different parts of the various operations. Ultimately for these systems need to work together to enable optimal management of the operations, you need a central environment that brings the various pieces together.

A good example is the temperature and ventilation control systems used by chicken broiler and layer houses, which is critical to its operations. While these systems are already highly automated, it is not integrated with water and feed supply, access control systems, CCTV cameras, or monitoring of generators supplying power in the event of electricity supply failures.

The Smart Scada Platform allows you to create a digital reconstruction of your environment for enabling remoted or centralised monitoring and control of various aspects of business operations. This allows for the virtualisation of all aspects of your control systems, access control, and the control of various forms of monitoring, sensors, actuators, or mobile devices.

The Smart Scada Platform provides a safe and highly configurable platform with a sandbox environment for inexperienced users as well as experienced programmers.

Vector-based user-defined spatial maps and graphical object representations are configured by the system installer to meet the unique requirements of the operations environment.

Real time trending and a rich graphical interface give operators a clear overview of current system, subsystems, or individual nodes or modules, including its status or events.

A comprehensive environment for data management from the hardware interface, gateways to the visualisation, logging, alarming, filtering and third-party interface integration thereof.

Bulk configurations and reusable template factories facilitate team collaboration.

One central platform for system commissioning, configuration and report management.

Collections of modules allow for efficient federated configuration.

Transparent system auditability.

Communications between the central server, mobile devices, and field devices or subsystems, can be combinations of LAN/WAN Ethernet, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, WiFi, as well as other specific technologies such as RFID, NFC, LoRaWAN. The platform was developed for supporting a variety of environments simultaneously and allow for easy integration into other systems environments.

Desktop and Mobile Friendly

Template based vector graphics

Advanced software development kit

Suitable for large and small systems

Physical Security Information Management

Industrial Process Automation 4.0

Comprehensive platform integration options

Integrated Occurrence Book and Evidence Bank

Next generation .NET, Database and Web Technology

Compatible with MySQL, SQL Server and Azure


Essentially the Smart Scada Platform provides a smart, configurable ecosystem of applications that provides an entire, rich architecture solution for next generation IoT and integrated asset and infrastructure management applications. The platform is designed for large system applications; it takes care of the entire system life cycle from the subsystems to the data application management.

The platform architecture provides a uniform model of object encapsulation throughout the communication channel and all connected infrastructure. The platform facilitates an integrated, multiple vendor, multiple tenant, multiple site, next generation  M2M and I/IoT applications and operating environments, also enabling the transition from M2M to I/IoT.

While the amount of data extracted from portable and remote devices will continue to increase exponentially, and continuously improve in capability, the effectiveness of the intelligence extracted is often limited to the same silos from which the data is collected and used for improved reporting purposes. Ultimately optimisations will run across value chains, which means we

need  to find ways of integrating silos more effectively.

One example is vehicle tracking systems. While highly effective for knowing the status and proximity of the vehicle, integrated with very capable fleet and resource management systems, it often still does not prevent or resolve frequent delays in loading situations, or for adding RFID or Smart Label solutions for tracking cargo loaded on the vehicle.

Without combining real time intelligence with machine learning capability, the level of optimisation and intelligence inherent to people, devices and systems on the ground, relative to other changes in the immediate external environment, remains limited.

Highly scalable, integration friendly, and comprehensive business rules engine

Built for fast and effective backwards integration with existing control rooms and Scada based control systems