Smart Video Solutions

Taking Video Beyond Security

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The use of CCTV and video monitoring plays an increasing role in most agri and agri processing environments, especially used for security for access control, storage and packaging environments.

The Smart Scada platform was built for environments that require large numbers of CCTV cameras, as well as record keeping and storage for large amounts of video footage, which can be overlaid with sensor monitoring and control of actuators such as access control or switching on a pump.

Essentially the Smart Scada Platform provides a smart, configurable ecosystem of applications that provides an entire, rich architecture solution for next generation IoT and integrated asset and infrastructure management applications. The platform is designed for large system applications; it takes care of the entire system life cycle from the subsystems to the data application management.

The platform architecture provides a uniform model of object encapsulation throughout the communication channel and all connected infrastructure. The platform facilitates an integrated, multiple vendor, multiple tenant, multiple site, next generation  M2M and I/IoT applications and operating environments, also enabling the transition from M2M to I/IoT.

Highly scalable, integration friendly, with a comprehensive business rules engine

Built to be able to generate a fast and effective digital reconstruction of your farming environment, whether based on maps or architectural drawings.

Integrate your video feeds with access control and other aspects of monitoring

The benefits of CCTV goes far beyond security applications. For instance, by using Smart Video together with real time Smart Scada information and control systems, allows you to adjust temperature and ventilation control settings based on what you see as well as measure.

For instance, if the birds are not evenly distributed through the house, they are either too hot or too cold, which directly affects the average daily gain (growth tempo). Further correlations are provided not just by having the feed and water consumption rates at hand, but also whether the consumption rates correlate with age and relative weight. This could further be enhanced with video analytics.